international Institute of Professional Innovations

Inno Institute assists in the implementation of innovations based on information and communication technologies, as well as the strategic development of educational services.

Collaborates with various institutions to develop skills and competencies in the field of vocational guidance, manages ICT solutions and digital services to ensure the best technological performance.

Eurasian Consortium

Festo Didactic (Germany), Folkuniversitetet (Sweden), International Institute for Professional Innovations (Lithuania), Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (Lithuania), Revalento (Netherlands), Skolkovo Business School (Russia), Republican Institute for Vocational Education (Belarus), Manpower Advisory (Kazakhstan)

Our Services

Smart technologies for the future

Digital technologies

Our specialists are ready to provide information on strategic plans for the development of the real sector in various sectors of the economy, using ICT and digital technologies, advising and helping to choose the right devices and operational systems in accordance with the needs of the country, region, enterprises on Smart City, ECO3 and Industry 4.0 projects.

Digital information model in the design, construction and operation of construction objects, which are united in the general data environment of all participants in the full cycle of the construction object.

Development of qualifications (competencies) for high-tech industries in the context of using the digital economy

Inno Institute assists in the development of comprehensive programs for the development of vocational education systems and the preparation of all levels of education systems, as well as in providing educational programs, which will allow to move to innovative, technical and vocational education as an advanced, focused on ensuring conditions for the development of professional qualifications (competencies) , modernization of vocational education institutions to provide them with training for the adult population, advanced training training and retraining of teachers from other colleges; organizing start-up centers to support innovative projects for young people and the training of schoolchildren.

Applied sciences

Innovations development in organizations – strategic solution that helps to company’s processes and quality. Constant development of employees’ competences improves the results of organization and individuals.


Innovations in the field of vocational education and training, online courses, distance learning.


Knowledge and competences development can be achieved by using e-learning platforms and methods. Our e-learning experts have great experience and deep knowledge in e-learning methods.

International Institute of Professional Innovations
one of the leading consulting companies.


Inno Institute gathers specialists and experts from various ICT and education fields. We share our deep knowledge and experience with organizations and enterprises, provide professional ICT and educational services that allows to significantly improve companies’ performances and results. We ensure the highest quality technologies in production and in professional education.

Main goals:

  • Analyze, propose a roadmap and assist in concluding agreements on the implementation of projects for the creation of enterprises and organizations in the economy of countries that use ICT and digital economy in their activities.
  • Provide educational services for training for high-tech industries.
  • Development of vocational education
  • We work with companies that wish to promote digital technologies and their products in various fields.
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