The goal of the project: to technologically integrate in the ENVIRONMENT OF GENERAL DATA all participants of the full cycle of a construction object involved in the work on a digital information model using the virtualization of workplaces and the possibility of remote access from anywhere in the country and from any device.

Project Objectives:

  • to ensure the interaction of the participants of the full cycle of the construction object in the general data environment, which includes software and hardware, the organizational structure and the existing regulatory framework;
  • empirically work out existing international and national standards and approaches to collaborating on a digital information model in a virtual environment;
  • to work out the interaction of specialists using a neutral format for the BIM technology - an open data format of the IFC - as a universal means of exchanging data between information models created in programs of different manufacturers;
  • to identify and develop, starting with the base, the most effective standards and approaches to collaborate on a digital information model based on a real building.

DIGITAL INFORMATION MODEL - a set of electronically submitted documents, graphic (2D and 3D), tabular, attribute, text data on a construction object, placed in the ENVIRONMENT OF GENERAL DATA and represents a single reliable source of information on the object at all or individual stages of its life cycle .

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Every year, the construction industry more and more urgently needs specialists who have real experience and an understanding of the principles of working with the digital INFORMATION MODEL in the ENVIRONMENT OF GENERAL DATA. And we are talking not only about designers or BIM-managers, but about all the specialists who gain access to the ENVIRONMENT OF GENERAL DATA at all stages of the life cycle of a construction object. In the very near future, the availability of such specialists may become critical for each organization participating in the construction and investment activity.

Conclusion: technological association of the ENVIRONMENTAL GENERAL DATA of all participants of the full cycle of a construction object and on this basis the created information model will significantly shorten the period of design construction work, ensure virtualization of workplaces using various BIM information systems - technologies chosen by designers and have remote access to specific workers places throughout the cycle of construction and operation of the facility.