Образовательная система

Educational system - Digital economy (project)

Development and implementation of a fundamentally new educational strategy based on the development of the digital economy. Learning innovation region is a system of collective learning. Everyone learns: people and organizations, authorities and communities!

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The European Model for quality Assurance for providers of Vocational Education and Training based on European Quality Assurance Framework (EQAVET)

The EQAVET in Practice is a quality model consisting of instrument and guidelines for the effective interpretation of EQAVET’s criteria to national frameworks based on the inputs from providers. The innovative nature of the model is a top-down approach to criteria, descriptors and indicators of EQAVET with a bottom-up provider need approach. The result will be a common framework with criteria which are workable and possible to implement. In this way EQAVET becomes a European tool/instrument used by VET providers with real practical impact on quality in VET.

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Комплекс дополнительного образования детей и молодежи

Centers of excellence for agriculture

New technologies, methods and tasks in industry. New and growing requirements for staff qualifications. New and growing requirements for localized educational solutions. New perspectives on industrial automation

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