Creating better training solutions, that are easier to access and more convenient to provide.

HybridLab® training and simulation does not need the direct participation of instructor and can be set up at any preferred location. Students prepare using pre made e-learning systems before coming to HybridLab®. At the location, they get orders and instructions of what and how to do using our specifically designed algorithms with any training equipment. Instructor monitors and evaluates students’ performance from distance at any time while students train in HybridLab® classroom.

  • E-learning
  • Hands on simulation
  • Peer to peer teaching
  • Based on success learning algorithms
  • Automatically Personalized learning


Technical and nontechnical skills teaching in Healthcare can be challenging even in the best conditions. Availability of standardized medical education is a problem in many countries. Often there is a lack of time amongst faculty to deliver education to healthcare providers or many learners may even not have access to expert faculty and equipment in low resources environment.

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“Expensive equipment is used inefficiently in simulation facilities.”

“In most cases, it is impossible to run a simulation without a direct involvement of on-site supervisors.”

“There is no possibility of running simulation centers 24/7 without a direct involvement of administrator/surveillance officer.”

HybridLab® overcomes these issues when teaching resources are limited and enables access for medical training and simulation to almost any location around the World.

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