"International Institute for Professional Innovation" (hereinafter - MIPI) one of the leading consulting companies in Europe.

The main consulting services of the IIPI include:

assistance in the introduction of innovations based on information and communication technologies, as well as the strategic development of educational services.

analysis, development of a roadmap and assistance in concluding agreements on the introduction of innovative projects to the economy of countries to create enterprises and organizations that use information and communication technologies and digital economy in their activities

cooperation with educational organizations and institutions for the development of professional skills and competences in the field of vocational education and training, vocational guidance in order to achieve the best training practices and ensure sustainable employment of the population and the best technological indicators

consulting and educational services for the training of professionals for high-tech and modernized production (online courses, online and offline training for professional staff)

cooperation with various national and foreign companies on the implementation of national and international projects related to the introduction of innovations in vocational education and training, the innovative development of qualifications of specialists in the field of management, design and installation and maintenance of equipment

organization of trainings to improve the professional competence of workers in conjunction with the educational centers of enterprises

assistance to vocational education and training organizations in planning, initiating and conducting research innovations



MIPI in order to promote digital technologies and provide a complex of consulting services for customer orders assists in the preparation of analytical information on strategic plans for the development of the real sector in various sectors of the economy using ICT and digital technologies. MIPI experts advise and help you choose the right devices and operating systems in accordance with the needs of organizations in the region on Smart City, ECO3 and Industry 4.0 projects.

    In order to ensure the development of qualifications (competencies) for high-tech and modernized industries in terms of using the digital economy, leading managers and experts of the MIPI:
  • assist in the development of integrated programs for the development of vocational education and training at all levels of vocational education and training programs training, as well as in the provision of educational programs, which allows to move to innovative vocational education, as advanced training, focused on providing conditions for the development of professional qualifications (competencies), modernization of technical and professional organizations sional education for them in adult education, including the unemployed and employees of enterprises in need of skills development, training and retraining of teachers colleges, organizations start-up centers to support innovative youth projects and vocational training schools;
    carry out:
  • research to create an educational and educational environment in educational institutions to provide all levels of educational programs;
  • organization of the development of professional standards, educational standards, make proposals on the scientific and methodological support of educational programs for all categories of the population, including those with special educational needs, as well as individuals from groups of people experiencing additional difficulties in the labor market and employees of enterprises;
  • organization and development of curricula and programs for the implementation of educational training programs, as well as advanced training and retraining programs for managers, employees of enterprises and organizations that implement technology with elements of digitalization;
  • organization of advanced training, retraining, internships for managers and teachers of organizations at all levels of professional and academic education;
  • development of concepts and projects of sectoral centers of qualifications (competencies), resource centers, educational organizations, including educational centers for the training and retraining of the adult population with the definition of training and production equipment (simulators) and training tools in accordance with the socio-economic development of the region by type economic activity;
  • assistance to educational organizations in obtaining a certificate of quality assurance in vocational education and training (EQAVET + Praktik), as well as the creation of qualification (certification) centers for the recognition of qualifications obtained by formal, non-formal and / or spontaneous education with the possibility of obtaining documents simultaneously from one country and another ;
  • assistance in the development and implementation of STEM education by including it as the content of curricula (curricula) and training of employees of the system of professional education;
  • organization of the development of regulations, relevant curricula and programs on the network form of the implementation of educational programs;
  • certification (confirmation) in accordance with the qualifications or competencies when performing demonstration (qualification) exams with the help of simulators and teach how to compile exam materials using step-by-step algorithms and HydriLab simulation scripts.

MIPI specialists are fluent in the implementation of innovations in the field of vocational training and education, offering students interactive courses, distance learning and offline training.