Development of qualifications (competencies) for high-tech industries in the context of using the digital economy

Inno Institute assists in the development of comprehensive programs for the development of vocational education systems and the preparation of all levels of education systems, as well as in providing educational programs, which will allow to move to innovative, technical and vocational education as an advanced, focused on ensuring conditions for the development of professional qualifications (competencies) , modernization of vocational education institutions to provide them with training for the adult population, advanced training training and retraining of teachers from other colleges; organizing start-up centers to support innovative projects for young people and the training of schoolchildren.

Research on the creation of educational and educational environment in educational institutions to ensure all levels of educational programs.

Organization of the development of professional, educational standards, proposals for the scientific and methodological support of educational programs for all categories of the population (including children with peculiar psychophysical developmen)

Organization and development of curricula and programs for advanced training and retraining of managerial personnel, employees of enterprises and organizations implementing technologies with digitalization elements.

Organization of advanced training, retraining, internships for managers and teachers of institutions of all levels of education.

Develops projects for the provision of sectoral centers of qualifications (competencies), resource centers, educational institutions, centers for the training and retraining of adults with relevant technological training equipment (simulators) in accordance with the socio-economic development of the region's economic activities.

Assists educational institutions of the former USSR countries in creating relevant qualification centers with foreign partners in the possibility of obtaining diplomas and certificates from another country.

Development of concepts of sectoral qualification centers (competencies) for vocational education and training of the innovation-digital economy.

Organizes the development of regulations, relevant curricula and programs on the network form of educational programs.

Assists in partnerships between educational institutions of the respective country and educational institutions of the former USSR countries.